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The Five Main Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant

If you have given any time over to considering whether you might need a virtual assistant (VA) then you probably do. And if you don’t even have time to think, you absolutely need one!

A virtual assistant can offer many benefits but we’re going to focus on the top five. There are several indicators that will tell you it might be time to get a VA. If you feel stressed and overwhelmed but can’t afford a new staff member then read on.

1. A VA will reduce the stress

It’s impossible to live life well when you’re stressed. When you’re under too much pressure it’s difficult to remember everything you should, do everything you need to, or be everything your clients expect. Often, we’ll even find ourselves stressed about being stressed. Good mental health is vital. It’s important to recognise the signs before they become overwhelming. A VA can take on some of the remembering and doing for you so that you can be fully present in both your business and personal life.

2. A VA will make you more productive

A VA will take on tasks that monopolise your time but don’t play to your strengths and add value to your business. Instead of doing admin you could be pitching to new clients. Instead of booking your own meetings you could be in a networking meeting, making new connections. If you have no time to establish a routine or organise multiple email accounts to help you become more productive, a VA can do that for you while you focus on growing your business.

3. A VA will give you more time

Time is all we have. If you spend most of it working, you’re not really living. A VA will free up time in your day so you can make your business more profitable while helping you work fewer hours. And as lifestyle management comes as part of the package, a VA will even be able to help organise your newly-acquired downtime. From running errands to planning parties and even house moves, a VA will allow you to enjoy the breaks you’ll be able to take.

4. A VA will give you more flexibility

Just as your work changes day to day and week to week, VAs can be flexible in their services too. You might need more help organising your diary one week and more assistance with your personal ‘to do’ list the next. You’ll be able to focus on the parts of the business that really need your input when they need it.

5. A VA will save you money

Employees are expensive and it’s not just salary you need to consider. There are many expenses to taking on a new member of the team. A VA works on a contracted hourly rate, so you don’t need to worry about additional taxes, National Insurance, holiday or sickness pay and so on. You only pay for the hours you agree, saving you the cost of an extra salary while giving you all the advantages a VA can offer. Whether just an hour here and there or the security of a monthly retainer package suits you better.

So, if you think any of these benefits would help you in your business please get in touch. I provide administrative support, calendar management, email management, travel and events booking, and lifestyle support.

Contact me now to see how I can take on some of the burden. Why wait?

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