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Celebrating My One Year Work Anniversary

Some anniversaries are worth celebrating. The end of my first year in business as a virtual assistant is a very special milestone for me. When I started a year ago with just one client I had no idea what the year would bring. Originally furloughed and then let go by my employer in the first lockdown I knew there would never be a more perfect – or more scary - time to set up on my own.

I wanted to be my own boss, do what I enjoy, and what I’m good at.

So, I took the plunge in June 2020 and here we are!

You only need one client to start a business!

My new virtual assistant business had just one client when I started. Then one client became two, and then two became three. And now, a year later, I have an array of amazing clients. I am so grateful to you all because I have learnt so much.

I’ve gained confidence from the trust you have put in me. I’ve learnt how to run my own business and I’ve even embraced networking! You’ve taught me to properly appreciate the value that I can add.

Being my own boss is so much more rewarding

After more than 20 years employed as a personal assistant, executive assistant, and office manager it’s great to finally be my own boss. Being able to work the hours that I choose, and with clients I truly value and connect with, means that I can offer so much more in my spare time.

Having increased confidence gave me the impetus to help set up the Bisley and West End Food Bank, supporting local people in need during the pandemic. My newly-found networking skills even meant I could bring in tradespeople who gave their time and money to help.

And if it surprises you to know that I’m a volunteer police cadet leader, you’ll be even more surprised to know that I’m now the current chairman of Bisley Parish Council! I would never have had the confidence to apply for that a year ago.

It’s not been the easiest year as there have been many ups and downs. The COVID-19 pandemic brought us all new challenges. Training as a mental health first aider seemed an obvious step as mental health is a cause very close to my heart. The pandemic has shown us how quickly things can change, and I want to be able to help people, my clients included.

I’ve found that knowing I’m helping people when I’m working and in my free time has made the lockdowns and uncertainties easier to deal with. Working for myself really has given me a sense of purpose.

I love adding value!

I know that I am good at what I do and I can free up my clients’ time. They can spend it on more important things in their personal or business life and I’m really proud of that. Not everyone has the time to (or wants to!) manage email and social media accounts, book appointments, send out invoices or do general admin. Luckily, I do!

It’s been an incredible year and I just wanted to tell you all how grateful I am for the opportunities you’ve given me. I’m always keen to do more and am always coming up with new ideas. So, if you or anyone you know needs the help of a virtual assistant then please let me know.

Get in touch, I’d love to chat!

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